The Cheat Sheet To Cooking For People With Food Allergies

It used to be that the biggest worry when hosting a dinner party was where the salad fork went. These days inviting people over to your house for a meal comes with a whole new slew of worrisome considerations -- ones that are way more serious than how to properly set a table. Are any of your guests vegan? Is someone going to be allergic to nuts? Does soy sauce have gluten in it? (Yes it does, btw.)

The fear of cooking for a group of people has transitioned from "Will they like what I make?" to "Will what I cook make someone ill?" It's a whole new world -- and we have found an amazing cheat sheet to help you navigate cooking for just about any type of dietary restriction heard of these days. The infographic made by Living Now has laid it all out for us in one easy-to-read design.

Print this out, laminate it and post it on your fridge, folks. It'll come in handy more times than you could ever imagine.


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H/T Fine Dining Lovers