The Desktop Microwave: Office Nightmare Or Savior?

You know those people who always bring the most offensive-smelling lunches to work? The ones who forget how pungent garlic smells and aren't privy to the unspoken rule of no seafood before noon? Well today, those coworkers of yours are going to be very excited because there's a new concept microwave that's designed to heat food right at an office desk.

Feel free to join the collective groan of everyone else in the office who lives in constant fear of office smells -- and to curse the man who came up with this "brilliant" idea.

The concept microwave -- designed by Steve Gates -- is known as The Brainwave and is intended to make eating at your desk (and stinking up the office) infinitely easier for the workaholic. The microwave makes reheating food so easy that one doesn't even have to get up from their desk to do it. Just think of all the shrimp scampi leftovers that will be warmed up fewer than 5 feet from your desk.

The Brainwave is controlled by USB port, making it just as easy to plug in as a smart phone. And it's designed to help people take fewer breaks and work even harder. Awesome.

The future is now folks -- and it kind of stinks.

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H/T Fine Dining Lovers