The Secret Code Words That Reveal The Healthiest Options On Any Menu (VIDEO)

When you're looking for a healthy meal to order at a restaurant, even a limited menu can present a challenge. Dishes that sound healthy at first glance -- say, teriyaki-glazed halibut -- aren't always so, and the truly healthy items can be buried within flavorful descriptions.

Though it can seem impossible to pick out the healthy dishes, neuroscientist and Foodist author Darya Rose tells #OWNSHOW that there are secret code words that you should be on the lookout for next time you're dining out.

Sure, most people know to steer clear of anything with the words "fried," "crispy" or "smothered," but that's not all that's on Rose's list of what to avoid.

"Definitely keep an eye out for the word 'glazed,'" Rose suggests. "That's basically a code word for 'sugar' or 'syrup…' Sometimes they can add as much sugar as the equivalent of four doughnuts!"

Just as there are unhealthy trigger words on restaurant menus, there are also words and phrases that signify something healthy. Rose's top picks? "Rubbed," "spiced," "baked" and "broiled."

"These things all add flavor without adding extra calories," she says.

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