The Worst Ice Cream Flavors Of All Time, Ranked

July is national ice cream month, and we've been gearing up for it in style. We've taste-tested from a pool of 50 ice creams to narrow down this summer's most exciting flavors. We've written a love letter to ice cream filled with cake pieces, we've tried Carvel's new Nutella ice cream and Ben & Jerry's new SNL-themed flavors, and we've even learned how to make strawberry ice cream that you can and should eat for breakfast.

Spending so much time thinking about, tasting and analyzing ice cream has been pretty great, but it's unfortunately also reminded us of some hard truths. Namely, all ice cream is not created equal. As amazing as some ice cream flavors are, there are just as many bad ones.

Here are 14 of the worst ice cream flavors we can think of, ranked from bad to worst. What's the worst ice cream flavor you've ever tried?

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