This Is How Chefs, Who Clearly Know How To Drink, Cure Their Hangovers

"Keep drinking, and drink more and keep drinking. So, don't stop drinking."

That's Jose Andres' response to the question of how to cure the incurable hangover. Right before that, he suggests that "if you keep drunk all of the time you will feel in a very normal state." In short, Andres' solution to hangover -- and life in general -- is to never be sober. Ever.

Andres' advice might be extreme, but he was not alone with his hair-of-the-dog solution. When Pop Sugar asked other chefs how they cure hangovers, more than half responded with drinks: margaritas, Bloody Marys, anything with alcohol in it, really. Other, more responsible, cures included ramen (yes!), fried eggs with thick toast (yes, yes!) and green juice. Going for a run and ending it with a basket of fries was a personal favorite. To be tried.

Watch the video above to see how chefs deal with their hangovers. And if you've got a great trick, share it with us in the comments below.

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