Viral Potato Salad Kickstarter Campaign Turned Into Something Really Tasteful

This update will likely get tongues to stop wagging and start watering.

The famed potato salad Kickstarter has pulled in more than $55,000, and some of the proceeds will help support people struggling with homelessness and hunger, campaign founder Zack Danger Brown posted on his site.

Ever since Brown’s modest fundraiser -- which at first aimed to just raise $10 -- went viral last month, critics across the web have been urging the founder to add a charitable component to his cause.

That "cause" initially aimed to collect a few bucks to enable Brown to buy the ingredients he needed to put a potato salad together.

Once funds started flooding in, Brown expanded his goal to throw a huge potato salad party in Columbus, Ohio, for all of his backers, now dubbed -- PotatoStock 2014.

He also promised his supporters such perks as getting a themed T-shirt and receiving a "bite" of the side dish.

Brown seems to have also paid heed to those who urged him to try and find more meaningful ways to "spread humor and joy around the world."

The campaign plans to contribute a "significant portion of the remaining money" to the Columbus Foundation, a group that assists individuals in dispensing donations. This particular initiative will create a fund to support Central Ohio’s nonprofits in their fight to end hunger and homelessness.

PotatoStock will also do its part.

All money made from selling concessions at the all-day event -- which is scheduled for Sept. 27 -- will be donated to the new fund.

"These types of funds gain interest every year and grow over time," Brown wrote. "So, while our little Internet joke will one day be forgotten, the impact will be felt forever."

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