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Last Night’s Leftovers: Sexy Restaurants Edition

September 9, 2014 Jessica Sidman 0

Why you should eat at restaurants at 5 p.m.

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22 Cookies That Are Totally OK To Eat For Breakfast

September 9, 2014 Kate Bratskeir 0

There is a time and a place for cookies, and breakfast usually doesn’t fit the bill. Sadly, choosing to eat cookies for breakfast is often written off as an infantile, uninformed decision. But the magnificent breakfast cookie — a cookie crafted specif…

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French Fry Pizza Exists For When You Can’t Decide What To Drunk Eat

September 9, 2014 Kate Bratskeir 0

It’s four o’clock in the morning. The world is spinning inside your head. There is some too-sweet, bubbly liquid sloshing around in your belly. There is, obviously, only one cure: Grease.

Less obvious is exactly how to get that grease fix. There are t…

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It’s Pretty Clear How This Pizzeria Feels About Ray Rice

September 8, 2014 Ryan Grenoble 0

Horrifying new footage of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking his fiancée unconscious in an elevator emerged Monday. In response, the Ravens cut Rice from the team, the NFL suspended him indefinitely, and one Baltimore-area pizzeria just launched the best jersey collection campaign in recent memory.

“Dear Lovers of Women, Not Hitting Women, Non Violence and Just Generally Being a Good Person,” Hersh’s Pizza began in a Facebook post. “Come trade your Ray Rice Ravens Jersey in for a free pizza at Hersh’s. These jerseys will save us money on toilet paper this week.”

For every jersey that’s turned in, the restaurant pledged to donate $2.70 — a nod to Rice’s former number, 27 — to House of Ruth, an organization for battered women.

Stephanie Hershkovitz, one of the restaurant’s co-owners, told the Baltimore Business Journal the promotion was “kind of like a gun buyback,” adding, “We thought it would be a great way to express our disgust at the whole thing.”

In an email to The Huffington Post, Hershkovitz said the restaurant crafted the jersey exchange after seeing the “visceral and troubling” video Monday morning. She said the response from customers has so far been very enthusiastic.

Though they have yet to determine what to do with all the jerseys, she said they’re polling their customers.

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Is Organic Food Better for You?

September 8, 2014 Danielle Nierenberg 0

Organic and agroecological farming methods typically build healthier soils, produce less pollution, and protect ecosystems better than conventional cultivation methods. However, scientists have only recently discovered that organic products are also be…

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Dad Whips Up Pancakes That Are (Almost) Too Stunning To Eat

September 8, 2014 Dominique Mosbergen 0

Brek Nebel lives in Marysville, Washington. He’s a field service technician who works on aircrafts and has a preschool-aged son.

He also happens to be a frying pan genius whose pancake art will knock your socks off.

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pancake art shark

pancake art whale

pancake dino

Nebel’s pancake creations captured the imaginations of netizens last week, after a friend of his posted photographs of the artful breakfast treats on Reddit.

“This dude is better at making pancakes than most people will ever be at anything in their lives,” quipped one awestruck Redditor.

Nebel told The Huffington Post in an email that he started experimenting with pancake art about a year ago. He said he now makes a different design for his son every single week.

“It took a lot of trial and error and experimentation to get the style I’ve been using for the last 4 months,” he said. “It started out using molds and cookie cutters and has slowly evolved with food coloring and finding the right tools.”

Nebel added that his son, Koen, who happens to be his number-one fan and sous chef, usually provides the inspiration for new designs.

“On average [the pancakes] take about 45 minutes, but he’s very patient for his age and he takes part in most of the process. He pours the ingredients in the bowl, mixes the batter, helps separate and add colors, and even helps flip sometimes,” Nebel said.

He added that while Koen “really enjoys the pancakes and requests them a lot,” the youngster’s favorite part of the process right now seems to be “tearing them apart.”

If the pancakes are as pleasing to the tummy as they are to the eyes, we can probably guess why.

For more of Brek Nebel’s incredible pancake art, check out his Instagram and Tumblr.