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9 Easy, Delicious Bake Sale Recipes That Require No More Than 4 Ingredients

August 26, 2014 Kate Bratskeir 0

Bake sale season is upon us.

Deny it all you like, but one of these nights, long after you’ve retuned from work, eaten dinner, cleaned the dishes and plopped your tired self on the couch for some well-deserved fall TV, a tiny voice will ask if you can make dessert for forty sweet-seeking little children — by the morning.

This scenario may never change, but this year, the way you handle it will. Whipping up a batch of “homemade” somethings will be no sweat off your back with one of the nine recipes below, none of which call for more than four ingredients. Chances are, the materials for at least one of these seemingly impressive sweets are sitting in your kitchen right now.

But before you transform into Super Parent, there are two things you must know. First: Other parents may hound you for your recipe. Never relinquish your secrets. Second: There is no shame in bringing store-bought cookies — ever.

1. Flourless Nutella Cake
flourless nutella cake

What you’ll need:

Tip: Bake in a rectangular pan and you’ve got brownies instead.

Get the 2-Ingredient Flourless Nutella Cakep recipe by Kirbie Cravings

2. Pumpkin Brownies
pumpkin brownies

What you’ll need:
pumpkin brownies

Tip: You can top these with a simple pumpkin spice frosting.

Get the 2-Ingredient Pumpkin Brownies recipe by Cookies And Cups

3. Banana Oatmeal Cookies

What you’ll need:
banana oats

Tip: Add in some chocolate (or peanut butter) chips, earn an A for effort.

Get the 2-Ingredient Banana Oatmeal Cookies recipe by The Burlap Bag

4. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars
peanutbutter cookie dough

What you’ll need:
pb cookie dough

Tip: Use a gluten-free dough to do right by the kids with allergies. Effortlessly thoughtful.

Get the 2-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars recipe by Averie Cooks

4. Mixed Berry Cobbler

What you’ll need:

Tip: All the parents will be like, “Wow we can’t believe you made a cobbler.”

Get the Easy 3-Step Mixed Berry Cobbler recipe by Semi-Domesticated Mama

5. Lemon Bars
lemon bars

What you’ll need:

Tip: Top with powdered sugar for a dignified touch.

Get the 2-Ingredient Lemons Bars recipe by Tammilee Tips

6. Peanut Butter Cookies
peanut butter cookies

What you’ll need:

Tip: Use a fork to flatten and form a cross pattern for a homemade feel.

Get the 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies recipe by Gimme Some Oven

7. Coconut Macaroons

What you’ll need:

Tip: Drizzle with chocolate or top with sprinkles if you’re feeling adventurous.

Get the Coconut Macaroons recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction

8. Oreo Bark
oreo bark

What you’ll need:
oreo bark

Tip: Experiment with the cookies and chocolate varieties you have on hand (though this one’s undoubtedly a winner).

Get the Cookies And Cream Oreo Bark recipe by Baker’s Royal

9. Shortbread Cookie Bars

What you’ll need:

Tip: Dip one end of the cookies into melted chocolate for some flair.

Get the 3-Ingredient Shortbread Cookie recipe by Eugenie Kitchen

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