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Five Spicy Dishes for a Sweltering Week in D.C.

June 19, 2014 Tim Regan 0

Hot food on a hot day? Eating spicy foods induces sweating, which ultimately reduces body temperature. Sure, it’s an ancient form of air conditioning, but it works in a pinch. As the warm weather crescendos, here’s how to cool down with some of D.C.’s hotter foods. 3 Alarm Cruncher DC-3, 423 8th St. SE, $4.99 […]

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Remixology: Make Me a Drink With Soy Sauce

June 19, 2014 Adele Chapin 0

Bartender: Louis Breno Where: Et Voila, 5120 MacArthur Blvd. NW Mystery Ingredient: Soy sauce Bartender Response: “I love soy sauce…on sushi,” Breno said. But how to use it in a cocktail? That took some thought. What We Got: A bloody mary upgraded with lobster consommé and a touch of soy sauce. “Let’s use French vodka,” […]

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Inside The World of Competitive Barbecue: “He Got Total Bite-Through!”

June 18, 2014 Tim Ebner 0

If there’s one thing that keeps Lucas Darnell awake at night, it’s the Backwoods smokers that sit on the driveway behind his Bristow, Va., home. Darnell, a competitive barbecue pitmaster, spends most of his weekends cooking, and he’s been known to roll out of bed two or three times in a night just to check […]

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At Noelia, Pasta Meets Dancing

June 16, 2014 Julia Tanaka 0

The new eatery Noelia Italian Kitchen, located in downtown D.C., is a study in contrasts. That’s evident from the minute you step through the glass doors—the flooring and tables are done in an elegant and traditional dark wood, while the walls are encrusted with uneven, rough, gray stone with modern frosted-glass sconces embedded in the pillars. Even with minor […]

Our Nippy Cooking Counsel

January 30, 2014 Unique Recepies 0

After the physics class on checking the baking soda’s aliveness, here are some more on the go quick and easy tips. Worried about the soil […]

Cooking with a Sleight-of-Hands

January 30, 2014 Unique Recepies 0

The tricks and tips of cookbook continues! Is the dough getting stuck to hand? How to slice the meat thin as a needle? I know […]