3 Tricks For The Most Perfect Poached Eggs

There's a common misconception that eggs are easy to make. Let us set the record straight: they are not. While anyone can make eggs cook in a pan, and most can do so in a matter of minutes, that does not mean they've mastered the art of cooking eggs. It's like saying you make the best mac and cheese when you've only ever made Kraft.

In fact, eggs can be one of the trickiest things to cook well. When it comes to scrambled eggs -- the easiest method for cooking eggs -- there are a lot of things that can go wrong. And there are some very specific instructions to make them just right.

Then there's the omelet which has even more potential for failure. Omelets can be so tricky that in France being able to cook one perfectly is considered the mark of a great chef. And guys, we haven't even touched upon poached eggs yet, which are by the far the most intimidating way to cook eggs. Unfortunately they're also the most delicate and tender way to enjoy eggs, so learning to make them well is a must. They're so perfect that we want to put them on everything -- and sometimes we do.

If you've been too scared to try making poached eggs at home, you should know we understand your anxiety. But we've found the best guidance you could hope for in the sage voice of Jamie Oliver. He walks us through the process of poaching eggs, not just one way but three different ways. He also shares a couple of key secrets, like how to find the very freshest eggs at the grocery store -- which is crucial when it comes to poaching eggs.

Watch the video above and let Jamie Oliver make you a master of eggs.

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