This Is The Only Way To Butter Your Popcorn

From now on, let it be known that is is the ONLY way you should be buttering your movie theater popcorn. Life hacks Tumblr List of Life Hacks posted this genius trick, and we're so glad it did. We'll never butter our popcorn the same way again.


A straw! It's brilliant, and it's one of those "why didn't we think of that?" revelations. The straw allows you to funnel the butter into the depths of the popcorn bag, so you can spread it out evenly. No longer will you face the driest popcorn at the bottom of the barrel. Now you can enjoy evenly buttered popcorn throughout your movie-going experience, no matter what size bag that you order.

Sometimes the simplest, most seemingly obvious fixes elude us. We're so thankful that List of Life Hacks posted this incredible food hack so that we can enjoy movie theater popcorn to the fullest. With one, skinny straw, the movie theater popcorn game just changed forever.

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