Daikaya to Debut Collaboration With 3 Stars Brewing Company

Daikaya1While beer and ramen may seem like a staple of American college campuses, a hearty bowl of the hot stuff paired with the right brew has always been a part Japanese culture, according to Dave Coleman of 3 Stars Brewing Company. Daikaya ramen shop will debut its first house beer, the Sansho Panza, on Thursday, a collaboration between chef Katsuya Fukuhima and 3 Stars that was six months in the making.

Although it was conceptualized during winter, with both parties going back and forth about what would pair best with the minimalist ramen shop menu, the final product is a summer beer—a 4.8% ABV, light Japanese-style Saison. Having a less yeasty flavor and far less alcohol than 3 Stars' Peppercorn Saison, Daikaya's new brew will feature the natural Japanese flavors of yuzu, a sweet and sour citrus fruit that tastes lightly of blood orange, and the sansho pepper, which is traditionally used to spice up miso soup. Sansho Panza debuts alongside a special menu and a few other options on tap selected for the occasion. Priced at $9, the beer will be served at the Chinatown ramen shop and in the Izakaya upstairs on Thursday. Coleman says more collaborations between Daikaya and 3 Stars are in the works.

Photo by Brian Oh