Jerk Cats Steal Dog Food Because They Refuse To Play By The Rules

Welcome back to The Huffington Post’s ongoing series on feline psychology. If you’re new to the course here is a brief summation of what we’ve learned so far: CATS. ARE. TOTAL. JERKS. Great, we’re all caught up.

For today’s lesson, if you’ll turn your attention to the video above, we will observe some cats stealing food from mild mannered dogs.

Sure, if you ask the cats, they’ll tell you they’re just trying to help the dogs keep their New Year’s resolutions to shed some lbs. But we all know that these furry sadists just want more food for themselves.

After you finish the video please join us in the comments section for an illuminating discussion on the following topics.

1. Why are cats such jerks?
2. How can dogs learn to stand up for themselves and be more assertive with their cat bullies?
3. Why won’t you let the dogs eat already, you meanie cats?
4. F—k you, cats! (we still love you, though)