Make the best use of your blender

Blender has literally made life easier for us. Just throw in whatever you want into small bite and pieces and the blender will do it for you. Here are some really great food recipes that the blender will do for you.

Omelet: For a fluffy- crispy omelet, a blender is a must. To make nice hot soft omelet, you will be needing 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of whole milk, salt to taste and some pepper. Throw these ingredients in the blender and blend it on high. Do it for a minute or until you see a nice egg froth. Once the blending is done, take frying pan. Let it heat on a low flame. Add a teaspoon of butter and then very carefully throw in the mixture from blender into the butted frying pan. Create an even circle of the mixture. If you want you can add some grated cheese and let the cheese melt. There your omelet is set to be served.

Whipped cream: For whipped cream, always use a blender than a beater. And the same applies to the omelet recipe. Here is the blender whipped cream recipe- pour in half a cup of heavy cream into the blender jar. On a medium blend, blend it for about 20-30 seconds. Or continue doing so until you see the white creamy froth. You can add a teaspoon of powdered sugar or granulated whatever you like. Also a tablespoon of vanilla extract if you like and make sure blend it one medium for about 20 seconds more. Pour it in a bowl and add a cherry at the top.

Ground coffee: It is always good to get whole coffee beans from the market and get it ground at home. The reason for this that when you grind the coffee beans at home, you get them fresh. And you will grind the amount you are needing. This way every time you need a coffee you will get fresh coffee. Whereas the market ground coffee, in the days to come, will slowly loose its smell. This is the time when you should use your blender. Throw in the coffee beans and grind them to the level of texture you like. You could add a corn of peppercorn to get a different flavor of coffee. Add 3 teaspoon of coriander, some cumin and fennel seeds and 1 tablespoon of peppercorn. And blend it for a minute on high speed. Grind it until you get the texture you want. This proportion will make half a cup of coffee and the remaining can be saved for another three months in an air tight container.

Tomato sauce: Cook some tomatoes, then add them in the blender and hit the start button. Let it blend for about 30 seconds. Then freeze it in an airtight container. It will last for about nice six long months.