Pizza Vinoteca Will Let You Control Your Server With an iPad


Ever wish you could better control the pace of your meal or stop your server from interrupting every five minutes? Pizza Vinoteca, a New York-based restaurant coming to Ballston in early September, will use a high-tech system to let diners customize their experience without the pesky problem of talking to another human being.

Each table at Pizza Vinoteca will feature an iPad that not only acts as a menu and ordering system, but also allows you to determine how fast you want your food to come out and how much attention you want from the server. If you’re looking for some privacy, for example, you can opt for limited waitstaff interruptions. (And just in case you change your mind, there's a "call your server" option on the tablet.) The screen also provides photos of dishes plus ingredient and allergy information. Grabbing something to-go? Digital kiosks will take your order, and a large screen and ticker display will track its progress.

The New York outpost, which opened in March, has similar gadgetry, including infrared grills and Enomatic wine dispensers. Business Insider has lots of photos if you want an idea of what’s to come.

Pizza Vinoteca won’t be the first local eatery with such a sophisticated ordering system. D.C.’s Bolt Burger has a similar setup with electronic tablets on tables for ordering in and kiosk screens for placing takeout orders. Several chains also seem to think screens that complement servers are the way of the future. For example, the 30-plus Chili's in the Washington suburbs have tablets from a company called Ziosk on every table that allow diners to order appetizers, desserts, kid’s menu items, and drink refills with the touch of a screen. You can also pay with a swipe at the table rather than trying to find a waiter to bring the check. Y&H explored the ways restaurants are using technology in a November column, which you can read here

Stay tuned for more details about Pizza Vinoteca closer to its September opening.

Pizza Vinoteca, 800 N. Glebe Road, Arlington;

Photo via Pizza Vinoteca