Our Nippy Cooking Counsel


After the physics class on checking the baking soda’s aliveness, here are some more on the go quick and easy tips.

Worried about the soil and dirt not getting of the fruits and vegetables you just purchased? Let’s play with some more baking soda tricks. Rub the fruits and vegetables gently with some baking soda, scrub it and then rinse it well under running water. Make sure you have a final rinse under the running water before storing the fruits and vegetables.

Making bacon is not a joke. It is one of the messiest and chaotic dishes of all time. Dust some flour on the bacon before frying. Not to mention that it prevents the splashing and shrinking of meat. Try roasting chicken or any meat on top of long slices of carrot sticks or celery sticks. These vegetables act like a roasting rack plus and also add flavour to the meat. Not only can this but you also eat the vegetable later.

Want to thicken the consistency of your soup? Just add some dried instant potato flakes to your homemade soups.  Don’t worry, this wouldn’t harm the taste of your soup, but it is just the trick you need when your soup is super watery. To maintain the flavours of the herbs and spices store them in air tight containers. See to it that they are stored away from sunlight and absent from heat. Also the keep the containers in a cupboard or your pantry; never keep them on tables. Storing the herbs in cute small glass jars on the top shelves is quite a trend, but it negatively affects the flavours of your little spice collection.

Instead of cutting off the leafy tops of celery, turn them into your own celery flakes. Wash them first and completely dry the leaves. Once it is dried well, place them in the oven for about 180o until they are crispy dried. Let them cool down. Then crumble them and store in an air tight container. You could use these celery flakes in soups, stews or as stuffing.

Usually in winter, the honey gets crystallised. To get the sweet flow back, place the crystallised honey bottle in a bowl full of hot water. Let it sit quietly for half an hour or until the honey has melted. Shake the honey bottle well before use. Want to soften your marshmallows? Here’s the trick. Slit the top of the marshmallow bag and place them in a large zip lock freezer bag. Freeze them in the freezer. Now remove the required amount of frozen marshmallows. They are soft as cushion! And they will simply melt in your mouth. Try it out. If you already have a solid marshmallow in your cupboard, toss a piece or 2 of bread into the solid marshmallow container. Seal it well and check it out after few days. The marshmallow is supposed to be soft again.  Here is another trick to keep you cookies soft. Toss in some slices of apples in your cookie jar. This makes your cookies soft and moist. Play with this trick only if you like your cookies soft!