Salted Nutella Syrup Will Instantly Upgrade Your Life

The world has just become a better place and it's all thanks to food blogger The Faux Martha and her recipe for SALTED NUTELLA SYRUP. If you thought salted caramel was good, imagine that savory-sweet combination happening with the flavors of Nutella. Nutella, which is absolute perfection already -- that's why we try to sneak into everything -- is even more glorious with a little salt added to it. One taste of this syrup and you'll see the light (and probably hear some angels sing too).

We haven't even told you guys the best part yet: because this recipe is a syrup it means you can add it to just about anything and everything. The Salted Nutella Syrup of course makes a natural accompaniment to lattes (or iced coffee if you're somewhere warm). It is a perfect fit as an ice cream topper -- sundaes will never be the same. And, if you're feeling adventurous, we can see this as a great addition to cocktails.

But wait, we've got even better news for you: it takes a minute and 30 seconds to make, tops. So what are you waiting for? Click over to The Faux Martha and make her recipe for Salted Nutella Syrup right this minute.

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