11 Ways To Upgrade Your Tacos, Because We All Need It

Tacos are one of those foods that will never be boring. From Baja fish tacos to crispy carnita tacos, there so many ways to make and eat a taco that we could chow down on a different variation every day of the week and never get tired of it. Still, even if they're your favorite thing, you could be getting taco fatigue. Maybe one simple taco recipe has become your go-to weeknight dinner or you've been returning to the same taco stand for so long that you've forgotten about the endless possibilities out there.

As major taco fans, we at HuffPost Taste are constantly on the lookout for unique tacos and ideas for keeping them fresh. Since we understand the tendency to get stuck in a routine, we've gathered up some ideas to make sure your tacos stay out of a rut. We spoke to chef Andrew Field of Brooklyn's trendiest taco shop, Rockaway Taco, and found inspiration from some more of NYC's hottest Mexican cocinas, from Empellon to ABC. We even checked out what our favorite bloggers were up to and we thought about our own personal favorite toppings.

For all your taco-eating pleasure, here are 11 ways to upgrade your tacos.

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