27 Paleo Cookies You’ll Want To Inhale

If cavemen could have consumed cookies, they probably would have. Just because they didn't have them back in their day doesn't mean modern people on the Paleo diet, a nutrition plan that models the eating-habits of our stone-aged ancestors, can't enjoy something a little sweet.

Sure, there's a bit of debate as to whether true Paleo-ers can have foods like chocolate. As articulated on Paleo Leap, an online resource for all things Paleo, "In the true sense of whether our Paleolithic ancestors enjoyed [foods like chocolate], the answer is almost always no, but the real question we should ask ourselves is whether they are healthy when consumed in moderation." In essence, it's up to the individual to decide whether or not to include chocolate in their nutritional regime. Paleo-ers who do say yes to chocolate often choose the dark variety -- it tends to be less processed and lower in sugar.

The following 27 cookie recipes adhere by Paleo rules, in the sense that they contain no grains, gluten, soy or dairy. They also follow the cookie rules, in the sense that they are delicious. Enjoy: