Bacon Is So Damn Delicious, Even Vegetarians Can’t Resist It

Bacon is one of America's sweethearts. It's a darling, succulent food that pairs flawlessly with breakfast and instantaneously improves any bloody Mary. Plus, bacon certainly knows how to complement a burger. It also has standalone power: Bacon tastes just as incredible when simply plucked from the frying pan, dripping its own fatty bacon juices.

Another great thing about bacon? You can wrap it around just about anything. Like doughnuts. And hot dogs. Seriously. In honor of International Bacon Day (Aug. 30) we encourage you to wrap bacon around any food you can get your hands on. Here's a little inspiration below.

(See more bacon-wrapped recipes here.)

And still, the impressiveness of bacon spans beyond its ability to be wrapped around other foods. Bacon can change people.

Bacon's flavor is so irresistible that even those who identify as vegetarians will stray from their restrictions to have a taste. According to data specialists at EAT Club, a California-based lunch delivery service, 7 percent of claimed vegetarians and vegans have deviated for an entrée containing bacon. Bacon might consider running for president one day. Learn a little more about bacon's political power in the infographic below and then please (please!) go enjoy some for your next meal.

Courtesy of EAT Club

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