Beer Slushy Maker Is The Answer To Our Summer Prayers

If you've ever had the misfortune of drinking a warm beer -- which is almost every beer you enjoy al fresco in the summer -- you know all too well how disappointing it can be. And while people have worked hard to find a solution to that problem -- Koozies, in-ground coolers and the Chillsner, to name a few -- they don't always work.

Now there's a new attempt on the market. Japanese beer company Kirin Ichiban claims to have a way to keep beer really, really cold on the hottest summer days: with a beer slushy maker.

You might be disappointed to learn that the beer slushy maker doesn't actually churn out a beer slushy -- they get minus a couple of points for confusing us -- but they're on to something even better. Kirin's slushy maker freezes beer into foam that is used to top off a glass of beer. Essentially, you're using frozen beer to keep beer cold. It's kind of brilliant because when frozen slush melts, it'll just add more beer to your glass.

The whipped, frozen topping, which acts like a cap, is said to maintain a drink's temperature for up to 30 minutes after it was poured. You can get the Beer Slushy Maker for your home at the price of $65. But you can also find it at a couple of stadiums across the country and Epcot, of course. Check out the ad for the product in Japanese below -- they all seem really happy with their frozen foam-capped beers.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story referred to Epcot as Epcot Center.

h/t Fine Dining Lovers

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