Brilliant Scoop Melts Ice Cream So You’ll Never Have To Microwave A Too-Frozen Tub Again

The act of eating ice cream should never be taxing. It should only be delightful.

But when tubs of the sweet stuff come rock solid, anticipatory ice cream eaters are faced with a stressful dilemma: To microwave or to wait and allow the pint to thaw?

The 15.0% Ice Cream Spoon may make either option moot. Its beautiful, sleek design actually serves a purpose and could offer a solution to that no-budge tub.

magical spoon

Architect Naoki Terada crafted this spoon entirely from aluminum, a metal high in thermal conductivity. When you hold the spoon from its handle, the heat from your hand is sent up the utensil to the part that makes contact with the ice cream. Your body heat, then, successfully melts the frozen dairy, which makes scooping a lot less strenuous.

The smart spoon is more expensive than most desserts; just one on Amazon will cost you $43, before shipping. You'll need to do the math to see if the price is worth it (the number of weekly instances you want ice cream, multiplied by the number of times you had to microwave the tub, divided by your impatience).

[h/t: RocketNew24]

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