Butter Brownies Exist, And The World Feels Right Again

BUTTER. BROWNIES. Together. As one. Do you guys even understand how great and beautiful this dessert is?? We're not talking about brownies that are especially rich thanks to the butter baked inside of them. We're talking about a beautiful batch of brownies -- a dessert not even the strongest of wills can resist -- with a layer of ooey, gooey butter cake baked on top.

What's butter cake, you ask? Get prepared for greatness, folks. Butter cake is a Midwestern yellow cake baked with a layer of cream cheese and butter (plus a few other ingredients) on top. The end result is a gooey mess that you can't stop eating. Food blogger Buns in my Oven -- our new personal hero -- has taken that glorious recipe one step further and replaced the cake with brownies. And all we can say is: YAASSSSS.


This joyful union of rich, fudgy brownies and ooey, gooey butter cake is everything that's missing in the world. A slice of these beauties can make siblings stop rivaling, turn mean girls into saints, and even melt bullies' hearts. Shoot, they might be able to instill world peace -- if we all eat enough of them.

Check out the recipe for butter brownies now -- before you do anything else.

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