Culinary Oveytians, An Organic Gourmet Cuisine on Wheels, By Chef Seb and Marcia Stone

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It’s not often that a restaurateur decides to operate a food truck. It’s usually the other way around. You start out with a food truck with hopes that it will do so well, that it will lead to expanding into a successful restaurant.
When my family opened the doors to Amoo’s, I had no idea I’d be thinking about operating a food truck. But as demands for these trucks have grown over the last decade, I have noticed more and more trucks popping up in various locations in and around the DC Metro area. I have seen tapas, tacos, chilies, and even kabob trucks parked in high traffic areas with lines of people waiting to savor the flavors and experience new food in an unconventional way.
Then one day, I had an ah-ha moment! I realized that the creativity in Amoo’s cuisine can be applied to a food truck...and I would no longer be limited to four walls, I was going to make Amoo’s go “viral”! It all came together I imagined serving the same organic food that we serve at Amoo’s. And the only thing I could see was success. I reached out to a very good friend an now business partner, Marcia Stone, who will get this truck rolling!

Marcia and I

The next challenge was deciding what to sell on our truck. How were we going to narrow down the many choices on Amoo’s menu to something that could be translated into food truck cuisine and maintain Amoo’s quality and taste? After consultation with our amazing staunch supporters, the answer proved to be easier than we thought. We’d stick to what we know very well- three of Amoo’s signature award winning items modified to the fast-pace life of Metro DC: grilled Chilean Sea Bass, grilled jalapeno basil lime chicken breast filet, and grilled saffron cream marinated lamb tenderloin filet. Just a few healthy and tasty dishes that will make your mouth water for more. I guess this is simply the next step in evolution of what make’s Amoo’s food special: cuisine marinated in centuries-old traditions fused with spices of the new world, and now coming to you on wheels!

chef seb on wheels