Drink for Free on Your Birthday at Lyman’s Tavern

unnamedForget free dessert—Lyman’s Tavern is starting a new policy of free drinks on your birthday. All. Night. Long.

The Columbia Heights bar kicked off the “birthday special” last night. All drinks $5 and under are fair game, which includes well drinks and eight or nine different beers.

The rules, which are detailed on a chalkboard inside the bar, are straightforward: no sharing, ID required, one drink at a time, and you must tip the bartender each time. Failure to comply means the free drinks stop coming, and bartenders reserve the right to cut you off.

Lyman's co-owners Kevin Perone and Jess Kleinmann have had the birthday special in mind since the tavern opened in May, an idea "stolen" from the Second Chance Saloon in Brooklyn, which Kleinmann's brother owns. “We’ve been planning on doing it, but we never got a chalkboard, and we finally got a chalkboard last week,” Perone says, in a deadpan attitude that seems consistent with the bar’s laidback, pseudo-divey atmosphere.

Happy birthday to you, indeed.

Photo courtesy Lyman's Tavern