Food Curated: A Dressing That Makes You Wanna Eat Your Vegetables

"Processing and preservatives kill flavor. We restore the flavor with fresh vegetables."

Meet Masaki & Yukimi Momose, the husband and wife team behind MOMO Dressing, a small-batch, Japanese dressing company based in New York City. MOMO Dressing isn't big, but it should be. I've never had a dressing that altered the way I eat. Usually, a bottle of dressing takes me a month or two to finish. MOMO's roasted sesame dressing takes me a few days. Or less. I find myself buying more salad ingredients just to eat more dressing. I now crave salads at every meal. I know it might sound crazy, but is that really a bad thing?

When I explain this to the Momoses, they laugh. Apparently, this is something they hear all the time from customers -- especially moms who claim MOMO Dressing is their secret to getting their kids to eat more vegetables. So, it's kid tested. Adult approved. And there's a reason for it. It has something to do with the freshness. Their particular flair for Japanese ingredients. The creaminess. The perfect balance of salty & sweet. It's fantastic. Just like them.

Right now, they produce 3 dressings: Roasted Sesame, Non-Oil Shiso and Ginger Carrot. In addition to finding them at Smorgasburg & local farmers markets, you can buy their products online at Good Eggs, a Brooklyn delivery start-up that delivers farm-fresh groceries and local artisan products to your door. This is first in a series of videos in which I'll be collaborating with their artisans. I've used their service a ton. It's certainly a friendly way to guarantee real food made from real farmers/fishermen/artisans make it to your kitchens every week. I hope you enjoy their story.

Thanks so much for watching food. curated.! Happy Eating!