For My Shimmering Shiny Pan


There you saw Nigella Lawson on TLC using a top notch stainless steel frying pan and here you bought one for yourself. Well its easy for Nigella to maintain her utensils stain free. I wonder how much of the cleaning she has to do. So is not the case with you, my friend. I know how much it kills to have issues with a stainless cookware. There you are in agony and much of agitation with yourself, trying every bit to uphold the worthy mighty stainless cookware.  Seeing your suffering, here we are to assist you to solve common issues with stainless steel cookware.

The pros of stainless steels cookware are inexhaustible and its USP is that it is a workhorse. It’s a nomad more in nature. It can adapt to any surrounding. Right from the gas stove to the oven to the watery sink and all this adaptability without any damage! Not to reveal that the surface allows the food to build a great crusty layer, leaving behind irremovable tasty brown crumps.

So what to do when the tiny tasty brown crumps gets stuck to the bed of the pan. Always remember to heat the pan well until hot before pouring oil and then by adding food. Steel expands when hot and contracts when it comes into contact with a cooler temperature and this result into food sticking to the surface. By adding oil to the pan when it is hot, the steel is said to become inactive creating a non stick surface. So this a little theory behind the food getting stuck to the pan. Also if scrubbing away the pan is useless, fill the pan with bubbled water. See to it that the bubbly water soaks all the stuck bits of food. Now, bring the water to boil and let it cool for a while. This will definitely ease your scrubbing.

Many a times we also see some white chalky spots on the pan. This is due to the built up of calcium in water. A simple way to get rid of it is by boiling little vinegar with a glassful of water in it. Let it cool completely and then wash.

Seeing a rusty smudge on your pan? Need not worry. It is the result of salty water turned into stains. This is due to the salty water in the pan did not come to a boil. In a scientific tone, this is due to a chemical reaction between chloride in salt, oxygen in water and the chromium in steel. The only way to prevent the rust from happening in the future is by salting the water once it has come to a boil. At this point there is not much oxygen left in the water for any reaction that can cause any rusty smudges.

At some occasions we see some rainbow like coloured stains implanted on the surface of the pan. This is the effect of overheating. Stain removal cleansers should do the trick. What’s better than a home remedy! Try some vinegar or tomato sauce. It works like magic.

And lastly remember if you really want your pans to gleam like the ones Nigella has,