Freak Out! Restaurant Week Is Here


It's that time of year when dining out instills either great glee or soul-sucking dread. You know it: Restaurant Week. Today through Aug. 17, more than 200 area restaurants are offering three-course lunches for $20.14 and dinner for $35.14. You can see who's participating and what's on their menus at

Chances are many of the best restaurants were booked weeks ago, but look out for tables unloaded last minute by reservation hoarders. (If you are one such reservation hoarder, don't be the jerk and stop hoarding.)

You'd also be smart to do a little menu research before booking. We did the math earlier this year and found plenty of restaurants where you actually pay more during Restaurant Week than you would a la carte.

Good meals? Bad meals? Tell us about them in the comments. And stay tuned for a Y&H column later this week about the inner workings of Restaurant Week.

Photo via Shutterstock