How To Make The Easiest Boozy Watermelon Slushie Ever

Boozy. Watermelon. Slushie. We just strung together what are arguably the three greatest words in the English language and turned it into one tall drink that will refresh you on the hottest of summer days -- and help you get your buzz on any day of the year. Everybody knows how great watermelon is. And most people know how amazing boozy watermelon can be. But boozy watermelon that comes as a slushie? Now, that's special. That's really special.

To make this genius idea a reality that you can sip through a straw, here's what you need: Watermelon. Freezer. Booze. Blender. That's it. With those four things -- plus maybe a fun swirly straw -- you can say goodbye to 7-Eleven slushies and hello to a natural, frozen drink with booze in it. Life doesn't get much better than that.

You don't need a lick of culinary skill in your power to make this drink at home, from scratch and all natural. And to help you figure this simple recipe out, we made a cute video that shows to get it done. Watch it above. And, cheers.

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