Noodle Bar Yona Will Take Over Mike Isabella’s G Next Month

Jonah-Kim-1-e1416327779731Yona, the noodle bar and small plates restaurant from chefs Jonah Kim and Mike Isabella, won't open in Ballston until early summer. But you can get a taste of Kim's ramen and pork jowl steamed buns from March 2 through the 28th at G, Isabella's 14th Street NW sandwich shop and Italian restaurant.

Kim, a former chef at now-closed Baltimore izakaya Pabu who co-hosts Mandu's monthly guest chef series, Anju, will take over the kitchen at G Wednesdays through Saturdays from 6 to 10 p.m. His a la menu (see below) will include three varieties of ramen, including one vegetarian option, Korean beef tartare, smoke himachi, and other Korean-Japanese dishes. Japanese beer, sake, and whiskies will be available alongside cocktails with fermented juice and other Asian-inspired ingredients. To make a reservation, call (202) 234-5015.

In addition, Kim will host cooking classes at G on March 9 and 10 demonstrating how to make things like dashi and steamed egg custard. The class is part of a monthly series where chefs from Isabella's other restaurants teach diners how to cook different types of cuisines. Tickets are $75 per person and can be purchased on G's website.

Here's the full pop-up menu:


Miso Porky, $14
Rich pork broth with miso tare, chashu, kikurage, kimchi, negi, corn, nori, soft egg

Tonkotsu-Shoyu Tare, $14
chashu, menma, benishoga, negi, sesame seeds, nori, soft egg

Veggie, $12
Soy milk-veggie broth, bean sprouts, pea sprouts, corn, snow peas, eringi mushroom, black garlic oil


Chilled Fresh Tofu, $8
Dashi, asian pear, nameko mushroom, yamaimo, scallions

“Kinpira,” $6
Soy-braised salsify, carrot, gochugaru, sesame

Apples & Radishes, $7
Roasted sesame miso butter

Smoked Hamachi, $14
Chojang, onion, perilla leaf, tobiko

Crispy Brussel Sprouts, $8
Fermented chili kewpie, yuzu, rice pearls

Yook Hwe, $14
Korean beef tartare, traditional and non-traditional flavors, gem lettuce

Ja-jang Rice, $18
Squid a la plancha, pork belly, onion, black bean paste, pickled daikon

Steamed Buns, $9
Pork jowl, ssam jang, iceberg

Eggy Ehawanmushi, $12
Hard-boiled egg, uni, ikura, caviar, chives

Dry-Fried Wings, $9
Fresh chilies, maltose, aged rice vinegar

Steamed King Crab, $19
Spicy crab broth, fish flakes, braised daikon, chrysanthemum leaves

Photo of Jonah Kim by Greg Powers