Ramen Sushi Now Exists To Fulfill All Of Your Japanese Food Fantasies In One Bite

One of you is craving a serving of cheap, curly noodles and the other wants to enjoy salty, textured nori, wrapped delicately around a piece of raw fish. This is no longer a problem. With ramen sushi, you'll never have to fight over Asian cuisine semantics again.

This ramen roll, masterminded by the ever-eloquent Vulgar Chef (maker of the s'mores-stuffed-sweet potato) replaces sushi's white sticky rice with ramen noodles. The secret ingredient here is not the ramen, however. It is cheese (!).

As the Vulgar Chef demonstrates, boil a packet (or four) of ramen, strain it and add about a half cup of cheese:

Top your sushi mat with a piece of plastic wrap and douse it with some cooking spray -- that cheesy ramen rice will be sticky. Then, place a sheet of nori on the spread:

Add the fillings of your choice (The Vulgar Chef opted for scallops and kimchi) and roll it all up.

Once rolled, The Vulgar Chef brilliantly chose to top his sushi with a layer of bacon, sriracha and basil. This can be all yours:

Stay tuned for more outrageously smart ways to get the most out of ramen and find the full instructions for crafting this ingenious hybrid here.

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