Remixology: Make Us a Drink With Strawberry Go-Gurt


Bartender: Boris Stojkovic

Where: Copperwood Tavern, 4021 Campbell Ave., Arlington

Mystery Ingredient: SpongeBob Squarepants Strawberry Riptide Go-Gurt

Bartender Response: Stojkovic wasn’t familiar with Go-Gurt, the slightly scary drinkable yogurt packaged in a tube and marketed to kids, but he knew he could work with yogurt: “Yogurt is something we grew up eating in Serbia.” His reaction after trying Go-Gurt for the first time? “It’s not that bad.”

What We Got: A Go-Gurt and moonshine cocktail. Still with us? This unholy-sounding combination is a spin on a pisco sour with Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine instead of pisco. “I’m trying to get everyone to drink moonshine,” Stojkovic said.

How It Tasted: Believe it or not, Go-Gurt lends itself to a cocktail. It wasn’t too cloying thanks to the not-so-sweet bite of the moonshine and a spicy kick of ginger-lime simple syrup.

Improv Points (1 to 5): 3. Props to Stojkovic for turning something that sounded frightening into a balanced drink that went down easy. “I like a simple cocktail with only three or four ingredients where you taste what’s used for the cocktail,” he said.


3/4 ounce ginger-lime simple syrup (water, sugar, fresh ginger, lime juice, black peppercorns)

1 1/2 ounce Ole Smokey Moonshine

1 ounce strawberry Go-Gurt

3/4 ounce egg whites

1/2 ounce lemon juice

1 dash Fee Brothers Cranberry bitters

Prepare the simple syrup in advance by combining equal parts water and sugar with fresh ginger, lime juice, and some black peppercorns. Bring the mixture to a boil, simmer, it for 15 to 20 minutes and straining it. When you’re ready to prepare the cocktail, combine all ingredients and dry shake. Add ice and shake again. Double strain into a coupe glass.

Photo by Adele Chapin