Slab Pie Recipes That Prove The Circle Isn’t The Best Shape

There's a lot to love about pie. You can fill it with any flavor you want -- we found 60 different ones that are pretty special -- it comes packaged in a buttery, flaky crust; and, it's always happy to be topped with ice cream. Awesome in every way.

And, guys, we found yet another reason to love pie, and that's when it discards its circular form and gets baked as a slab.

Slab pie is almost better than regular ole circular pie because there's a higher crust-to-filling ratio. And crust is everything. Second, slab pies can feed a lot more people -- or, they allow fewer people to get a second (and third) slice. Plus, they're easier to make.

Are you on board yet? If not, these recipes should set you straight.

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