The Keen Teens


Wondering what’s gotten into your daughter? Thinking why is limiting her to food? It’s probably because your teen daughter has witnessed enough of the Hollywood actress’s diet thinking she can be slim like a Barbie. Welcome to the teens! The most difficult years for the parents! I know what you must be going through. Convincing the teen is sure not child’s play but it most certainly ain’t rocket science. Never lecture them, they hate it! Try talking them as a friend and not as a parent or a teacher.

Just start with making them belief that a healthy diet is the only way that can help one look good. This healthy diet doesn’t means giving up on your favourite food. It simply means eating variety of food that will build up a right calorie meter along with all the nutrition that is required for a growing up teen. Never forget that teen years is the period of life when one needs to consume well for the proper growth of body and also for the energy required to work later. Always remember to stay away from fad diets. They are never the best way for healthy life.

As said before, never skip breakfast. Your teen may think that skipping breakfast will make them slim, make them understand that that’s not true. It in fact helps you to control weight. It also adds vitamins and other dietary substances to your body which helps you to remain energetic and active for the whole day. Some whole grain cereals and a fruit are always good for a breakfast beginner. It is not only a tasty start for the day but also a healthy one. Have the essential 5 portions of vegetables and fruits. Fresh, frozen, dried, stewed, baked, juiced, whatever fruits and vegetables are great.

Your teen is more likely to gain weight by eating saturated fats by consuming sweet sugary food like pastries, sweets and chocolates. Also by consuming processed meats such as sausages, bacon, biscuits and crisps they may gain weight. The reason is that both, sugar and saturated fats are high in calories. They also tend to increase the level of cholesterol in the near future.

Always remind them to drink lots of water. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water. Occasionally make them drinking real fruit juices and not the ones that come from a packed carton. Even drinking milk is advisable. It will be a bonus to your teen’s calcium level.

Many teen age girls lack iron. They get easily tired and run down. Make them eat red meats, cereals with iron, baked beans and what can be better than a nice spinach dish. Some teens continuously fell hungry. Make them eat whole meal bread, beans or anything that is whole grain. Whole grain is rich in fibre and it tends to keep one full for a long period of time. So this will occupy their wee stomach.

And lastly, never force a teen. They tend to revolt in their own specific ways. They will deliberately do what you have asked them not to do. So, when you are helping out your teen with the diet, take their opinion always into consideration. Hear them out!