The Secret To Buying Cheap Wine That Actually Tastes Good

Everyone knows that buying a bottle of wine for under $10 can sometimes feel like a gamble. Sure, it doesn't hurt the wallet, but it can offend your taste buds -- and do a number on your head. But now we have the much-beloved Jamie Oliver to thank for his handy guide to buying cheap wine you can actually drink.

The YouTube channel, Jamie Oliver's Drink Tube, has debuted an episode that shows you the steps and tricks to finding a great bottle that won't break the bank. The first step is to shop at your local wine shop, which admittedly isn't an option for everyone, but bear with us. Second, is to look for wines from Spain and Portugal, which offer lots of complexity for a good price. Just because California is closer or France has the big wine reputation, doesn't mean they're going to deliver when you're trying to pinch pennies. Also, be on the look out for key words such as Old Vine. And lastly, use the right glasses. According to Oliver's wine guru: yes, glass size does make a difference.

But don't take our word for it, watch the video above and hear it for yourself -- and take notes.

(For the record, if you haven't seen his guide to making strawberry ice cream in just 45 seconds, it's a must-watch.)

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