The Spicy Tuna Roll Corn Dog Is What America Does With Sushi

If your first reaction to seeing a spicy tuna roll turned into a corn dog on a stick is complete and total horror, you're not alone. It's scary. It feels wrong. But, trust us, it's not. Hear us out.

We know that this particular combination of Japanese and American cuisines is bold. Some might even say that it's proof of how globalization is destroying the world. BUT if you give this sushi corn dog a second look, you just might start to see how much sense this food mash up makes. And, how it could in fact taste amazing.

If you frequent Japanese restaurants -- at least the ones that dot the American urban landscape -- you know that there are a two items you can always find on the menu: A spicy tuna roll and some sort of tempura. From Arizona to Florida, these items will be on the menu -- guaranteed. People just like them a lot, and the spicy tuna corn dog was made as a reaction to that. It's basically a spicy tuna roll that has been tempuraed. That's right, folks, the bold man at Culinary Bro-Down has tempuraed one of America's favorite rolls and it ain't bad.

Take another look.

spicy tuna

While Culinary Bro-Down's high hopes for this recipe (ahem, inspiring major social change) are unlikely, his recipe still gets points for creativity. Feeling daring? Then give his Spicy Tuna Corn Dog recipe a try.

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