The Top 12 Ways Restaurants Piss People Off

Dining out is one of life's greatest leisure activities. Until it's not. While most restaurants are well-oiled machines, there are so many moving parts that you can bank on something going wrong. Diners are willing to let a couple of these restaurant mishaps slide -- we're all human -- but there are some blunders customers just can't tolerate.

Consumer Reports put together a survey revealing the common restaurant complaints that put people over the edge. Consumers are pretty forgiving when the server forgets which diner gets which plate -- as long as we get the food, right? And most people didn't really care about restaurants offering nutritional information. But people were most upset when they were given dirty silverware -- GROSS -- with 76 percent of diners not forgiving this offense. Another major restaurant upset was condescending or rude servers.

Check out the infographic Consumer Reports put together to see the other top offenses (they're the ones marked in blue) -- and then go cook yourself dinner. At least then you'll get exactly what you expect.


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h/t Fine Dining Lovers