There’s A Right And A Wrong Kind Of Milk For Your Coffee

There's a reason that serious coffee shops don't ask you what kind of milk you want with your latte: It's because they don't want to give you the chance to totally mess it up. When given the option, many of us health-conscious coffee drinkers would opt for one of the reduced-fat options, but that's the wrong answer when it comes to making a killer latte. Lattes demand fat. It balances out the flavor and contributes to the robust texture, and skim milk just ruins all that.

If you want to drink coffee and drink it well, you have to give in to the fat. Or, go black. We listened to a recent interview The Dinner Party did with head barista Colleen King from coffee-nerd place SQRL in LA, and we learned that there are right and wrong kinds of milk for coffee.

For those of you rolling your eyes at this level of coffee snobbery, we get it. But, just hear us out. And for those of you who care about when your beans were roasted and hand pour your coffee every morning, this is crucial stuff. We picked out the most important things King had to say on the subject -- listen up.

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