These Japanese Food Puns Have Melted Our Cynical Hearts

As food writers, we have a soft spot when it comes to puns -- especially food puns. We know they can be bad; we know they are 100 percent played out. But no matter how often we hear "I'm kind of a big dill," we can't help but crack a smile.

And Japanese food puns are a whole new territory for us, and you know what, guys? They're melt-your-heart cute, and not the least bit tiresome. With puns like "Udon know me!" and "I love you so matcha," we know you'll enjoy them as well. These puns live on in a set of stickers, 7 for $6, designed by Miso Hungry on the site Store NVY. They're adorable and clever -- see for yourself!

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h/t That's Nerdalicious