This Luxury Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With A Freshly Brewed Cup Of Coffee

Forget the blaring ring from your phone's alarm clock. Your early morning routine may soon get so much more enjoyable -- and infinitely more aromatic.

British designer Josh Renouf has come up with an alarm clock that makes you a cup of coffee as you snooze.

Renouf's alarm clock-coffee brewer, dubbed the Barisieur, is designed to wake you up with the delicious smell of freshly brewing coffee and the gentle rumbling of stainless steel ball bearings that boil water using induction heating.

Consumers just have to remember to prepare the machine the night before, filling it with all the water and ground coffee the machine might need to make that perfect cuppa. The machine also comes with compartments for milk, sugar and extra coffee.

As Engadget points out, coffee lovers can't buy the Barisieur just yet, but plans to get the alarm clock-coffee maker on the market are underway. According to Renouf's website, the Barisieur will likely retail for between $250 and $420.

While some consumers have expressed excitement at the prospect of owning a Barisieur ("Shut up and take my money!" declared one enthusiastic Twitter user), others have lamented the gadget's high price and -- considering the many fragile items that might be located next to one's bed -- the seemingly high potential for disaster.

"One sleepy shove and the coffee is all over the electronics, the bedstand and floor," wrote one commenter after reading about the Barisieur on "Nope -- I think I'll buy a 'Mr. Coffee' coffee pot with a timer instead."

Would you buy a Barisieur alarm clock-coffee maker? Weigh in below.