This Mom’s Geography-Themed Bento Boxes Are Wonderfully, Deliciously Clever

Maiko Takahashi knows how to make mealtime special for her kids.

The Tokyo-based mom regularly creates wonderfully whimsical bento boxes for her 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter, transforming everyday food into cartoon characters, cuddly animals, and even Santa Claus.

Recently, Takahashi decided to take her mealtime works of art to the next level, putting together bento boxes for her children that are delicious, aesthetically interesting and educational.

For her Japan map series (pictured below), Takahashi has been creating bento boxes featuring maps of every one of the 47 governmental prefectures in Japan, such as Kyoto and Osaka. As Neatorama points out, the meticulous mom has sometimes even included edible symbols associated with each region, such as the Tokyo Tower.

"The smile of [my] son and [my] daughter is my driving force," Takahashi told Mashable of the inspiration behind her edible works of art.

Scroll down to see some of Takahashi's Japan map bento boxes. For more, visit her Twitter page.