We Taste Tested Shandies To Find The Best Summer Shandy

You know what's more refreshing than an iced cold beer on a hot summer day? An ice cold beer with sweet lemonade added to it. This simple combination of our two favorite drinks goes by the name of shandy -- and it should be summer's official drink. Despite the fact that shandies are easy to make at home, some beer companies have bottled their own versions -- and they make their appearance during the hot months of summer, like right now.

We tend to shy away from pre-made drinks of any kind -- Budweiser's Lime-O-Rita taught us that lesson -- but when it comes to shandies, some beer companies are doing it right. Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy is the most popular pre-made shandy on the market, but we wanted to see what else was out there. So we did what we always do: Set up a blind tasting of all the shandies we could find.

We gathered a group of editors, served them shandies in unlabeled cups, and got them to write down the first thing that came to their minds. We found that lemon + beer can taste so many different ways, all of them surprisingly palatable. Here's what worked and what didn't, in order from best to worst:

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