When You Have 99 Problems, Buy This Perfectly-Sized Case Of Beer

"99 bottles of beer on the wall in the case, 99 bottles of beer..."

Well -- cans, technically, but there are 99 of them to a case. Austin Beerworks, a brewery in Texas, is selling 99-packs of its "Peacemaker Anytime Ale."


The brewery sought to reassure incredulous buyers on Twitter earlier this week that the 99-packs are actual, real things that can be bought in Austin-area liquor stores. "Is it a joke? Yes," they wrote. "Is it real? Also yes."

“I think we have become known, in Austin anyways, as a silly brewery that likes to have a good time,” co-founder Michael Graham told BrewBound. “We don’t take anything seriously other than the beer itself and this project reinforces that.”

At just over seven feet long, the $99 cases weigh 82 pounds and are so ungainly that would-be buyers are encouraged to bring a friend to help carry the monstrosity -- and to drink it.

WATCH a video on the case, above.