Whoa, The ‘Greenest Man In America’ Doesn’t Shop At Whole Foods

It's hard to argue that it isn't cool to be environmentally conscious these days. The words 'organic' and 'natural' are essential packaging for any upscale grocery store, and bearded, Brooklyn-based hipsters are happy to tell you about their locally sourced, naturally-distressed jeans.

Asked to name the 'greenest man in America,' though, and most people would be hard-pressed to answer. Maybe that guy Al Gore, or is there someone who's racked up a particularly large bill at Whole Foods recently?

Actually, as ecological advocates Movement Generation suggest in their new satirical video, the 'greenest man' is probably not who you'd expect.

The video follows an over-the-top environmental reporter as he 'interviews' Laotian immigrant and community leader Lipo Chanthanasak about his new 'greenest man' title.

The reporter quickly learns things are not as he'd expected. "I don't get it, Lipo. I mean, you don't shop at Whole Foods, you don't own a Prius, I sure don't see any organic hemp towels around here, what the heck makes you the greenest man in America?"

The answer? Simple. A lot of community action and hard work. Important contributions that you can't just walk into a store and purchase. "You cannot buy the green, but you can build the green," Chanthanasak's interpreter explains.

"Going green is about more than buying all the gluten-free quinoa you can fit in your Prius," writes Movement Generation on their website. "It's about community organizing against corporate polluters and challenging environmental racism -- and then enjoying your quinoa."