All The Best Ways To Reheat Pizza, According To The Collective World

The gift that is leftover pizza comes raises some serious questions: to reheat or not to reheat? There are many pizza connoisseurs who swear by cold pizza. "You can never get it back to its former glory," they say, "so why even try?" But not everyone agrees with that philosophy, which brings us to a whole other discussion: What is the best way to reheat pizza?

We recently wrote a piece about how to reheat leftovers, and it led us to Gawker's article on warming leftover pizza in a skillet. While we are full supporters of the skillet method, we noticed that not everyone was -- and they sure were vocal about it. The commenters on Gawker shared some interesting methods for reheating pizza and we've picked out their best (and most ridiculous) pieces of advice for you. Here are 18 different ways to reheat leftover pizza. Do with this info what you will.

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