French Fry Pizza Exists For When You Can’t Decide What To Drunk Eat

It's four o'clock in the morning. The world is spinning inside your head. There is some too-sweet, bubbly liquid sloshing around in your belly. There is, obviously, only one cure: Grease.

Less obvious is exactly how to get that grease fix. There are two separate, logical paths to take: The pizza path or the French fry path. Sometimes the decision is clearcut --your tastebuds tingle for crispy golden potatoes with a soft, mushy filling. Or, you want nothing more than to sink your teeth into a doughy, sauce-slathered slice of cheesy goodness. It's so wonderful when the heart stomach knows exactly what it wants.

But often, when the stomach is indecisive, you'll try to weigh the benefits of French fries against the benefits of pizza.


And you find your head spinning in an entirely new way: Neither pizza nor French fries tips the scale. Both options are terrific and balanced. You begin to feel more than overwhelmed. Finally, finally! there is something to satisfy this natural, dual-craving. It is the French fry pizza:

french fry pizza

This ingenious food mashup from Clifford Endo, also known as Foodinese, fuses all of your cheesy-greasy-saucy-crunchy-crispy food dreams into a single, satisfying dish. You can top it with pepperoni, dip it in ketchup, eat it with your hands and smile all the while.

Get the tasty recipe from Foodinese here. (Note: Do not attempt to cook while intoxicated.)

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