Get Your Own Mixologist When You Order $300 Worth of Booze from Klink


If you're planning a party this week, you might want to consider this: Online and app-based alcohol delivery service Klink will send a mixologist to your place for an hour if you spend at least $300 now through Sunday. An additional one or two customers selected at random will also get a free mixologist visit even if they don't throw down that much cash.

Klink CEO Jeffrey Nadel has amassed a force of more than 100 event mixologists who will be on call throughout the week, so that someone can be at your door within an hour of placing an order. "We have obviously more ready at peak hours, but even if you order at 10 a.m., we can still get a mixologist out there," Nadel says.

The mixologists will bring their own shakers and jiggers, but customers have to supply their own ingredients and glassware. The bartenders will make drinks with whatever's on hand and teach people how to make cocktails. Nadel says Klink pays and tips the bartenders itself.

For what it's worth, Y&H recently compared prices between Klink and two competitors, Drizly and Ultra, and found that Klink had the cheapest prices. An extra bonus: anyone can get free delivery for the rest of the month with the promo code KLINKDC.

Photo via Shutterstock