How To Make Coffee With Nothing But Objects You’d Find In A Hotel Room

We can all agree that coffee brewed in a hotel room generally sucks. The machine is grimy, the coffee grounds are ancient, and there's usually a weird smell coming from the mugs that won't rinse out. But sometimes, that's all you've got.

To satisfy the need for caffeine, most of us just hold our breath and gulp it down, hoping the coffee will bypass our taste buds. Sometimes, doubling up on cream and sugar makes it slightly more palatable (however disappointing it still is).

We've found a solution, coffee-loving friends: A DIY French press made out of items you can find in a hotel room. This is some real MacGyver sh*t. If any of you grew up with the popular TV show in the '80s, this hack means better coffee, plus childhood dreams finally realized. You too can be a MacGyver and save the day with the help of ordinary, everyday objects. Everything is possible.

All you need is a coffee filter, a hanger, a mug and a scrubbing pad. This last item might be tricky; we suggest you check with housekeeping -- or, if you're really channeling MacGyver you'd have one in your pocket, just because. The filter and hanger act as a makeshift French press plunger; the scrubbing pad is to remove any toxic film on the metal hanger; and the mug is, well, for drinking your great cup of coffee. You'll also need the tutorial that the good people at Instructables put together for caffeine fiends everywhere.

Then, you can use the hotel-provided coffee maker for cooking up breakfast, as you sip your awesome cup of DIY French press coffee. (See below.)

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