My Cookbook on Tips and Tricks


Every woman at some point gets obsessed with her kitchen and tries here level best in having a clean and hygienic place to cook for her family. But the problem she faces the most is of not having ample of time in hand to do the daily chores along with making her kitchen sparkle like diamond. Not only this, but thanks to our super busy life, she expects some easier methods or some tricks just to make work simple and utilise the extra time by spending it with her kids. For all the busy ladies, here are some tricks to sustain your full of activity schedule.

Having trouble with stemming out the strawberries? Wash the strawberries first. Take a wide plastic straw and insert it right at the bottom centre of the berry and push it upwards. Many a time, when we use a measuring cup for some syrup or for oils or sauces, they tend to stick to the cup. Not anymore! Rinse the measuring cup in hot water before throwing in the liquidy matter.

Prevent your sugary fruit pies from boiling over. Instead of dusting some sugar on the pie, try spraying the sugar under the fruit. Here’s another trick to avoid the running of your pie in your precious little oven. Cut 4 small openings on the top of the pie crust. Place in one piece of tube pasta into each slits. Make sure that the pasta is at least 2-3 inches long. The juices will bubble up the pasta pipes and back down into the pie instead of the oven. Take off the pasta once the pie has baked.  Many a times, the pie dough sticks to the table. For this, roll the pie dough between sheets of waxed paper. Once the dough is of desired softness and thickness, peel off the waxing paper and place the dough directly into the pie pan.

If you want to make a bigger cake of the same mix you have, just add ½ cup of flour, ½ cup of sugar, 1 egg and a teaspoon of baking powder. When icing a one layered cake, turn it upside down. This way the upper part of the cake gets flat and even which helps in icing evenly. When icing 2 layered cakes, be it round shape or square shape; add frosting to the top of both the layers of the cake. The reason is that you will get a flat surface on the final cake. Sometimes the cakes rises high or low and very uneven, in that case, chop off the cake layers in such a way that they appear even and flat.

Want some soft creamy butter immediately after tossing it from the refrigerator? Here’s a trick to speed up the process. Just shredder the butter into a bowl; or microwave the brick hard butter just for a couple of minutes with a watchful eye. Or chop the slab of butter into squares and toss them in a bowl. Now insert this bowl in a pan containing warm water for a couple of minutes.