Spick and Span Your Kitchen


We have learned everything from our parents, haven’t we? But did your mom teach you how to get rid of the dirt and germs in your house? Well, she must have taught you a couple of things here and there, which are quite indeed helpful. But I bet you still want your house spotless, don’t you? Wanting a spotless house without much spending time on cleaning? Worry not! Here are some quick and easy tips to make the chores easier in much less time than you can think of. You are just a few tips away from having a tidy, sparkling and germ free house. This is most certainly one thing that you and your mom will agree on.

Always remember to circle your way around in the kitchen when it comes to cleaning. Start beginning on the right side of your gas stove, moving clockwise through the entire room. If you will see, your gas stove is the dirtiest part of the kitchen. There could be chances that it may spread germs and unhygienic bacteria. Remember to first soak drip pans into soapy bubbly water. By the time you work clockwise in the kitchen, the soapy water will make your work easier in cleaning the pans.

You may not believe this, but your kitchen sink contains more harmful bacteria than the ones on your toilet seat. Use a disinfectant to clean the sink. But before that clean the sink with soap and water, then spray some vinegar followed by a dusting some hydrogen peroxide and let it stand to dry. And never mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together. They should be sprayed one after the other. In case, your sink is stainless steel one, you could sparkle it by tossing few drops of mineral oil on a soft cloth and rub the sink with it.

Once a week, spray some baking soda on a damp sponge or a damp cloth and swab the dishwasher’s edges. This helps in removing the stuck up food or stains. To clean it from the inside, run an empty round with some dishwasher cleansers that you easily get in the market. Also during the flu or cold season, add a quarter cup of bleach while running the regular dishes. This helps in sanitizing the dishes.

We all love your oven. It is the soul of the kitchen. Keep your kitchen’s soul clean by lining its bottom with a non stick oven-liner. These non stick oven- liners can be easily wiped or thrown into dishwashers and can be used over and over again.

We all want an odour free kitchen. Just drop in a cut up lemon, some ice cubes with a dust of salt. No, I’m not preparing you for a tequila shot. The lemon helps in deodorising and the salt and ice helps in cleaning away the residue.

Use the latest microfiber made cloths instead of the crumple paper towels for cleaning. The microfibers when wet, they tend to sanitize the floor, counters, glass and tiles. You also don’t require any cleansers to add to them. They are more like a one man army. And also not forget that they are very cheap, some 5$ for a 2 pack and they can be reused over and over until the microfibers turn dry as a bone.

Remember to never let the sauce, ketchup, oil, spices or gravy sit. Wipe them off immediately. Also bear in mind that sponges can be a great source of carrying bacteria. Every night before going to sleep, wash and squeeze it well. Then, microwave it on high just for a minute. Always throw away the shredded and smelly ones.